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County Derry Cemeteries

county derry northern ireland

County Londonderry or County Derry is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland. Adjoining the north-west shore of Lough Neagh, the county covers an area of 2,074 km², with a population of approximately 247,132. It is also one of the thirty-two traditional counties of Ireland, lying within the historical province of Ulster.

Cemeteries of County Derry Ireland are located across the county. Listed here are cemetery records that have been published online.

The place name Derry is an anglicisation of the old Irish Daire (Modern Irish Doire), meaning "oak-grove" or "oak-wood".

As with the city, its name is subject to the Derry/Londonderry name dispute, with the form "Londonderry" generally preferred by unionists and "Derry" by nationalists. Most British authorities use the name "Londonderry", while "Derry" is used in the Republic of Ireland.

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